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Servicing and Repairing Your Car

 Whether you need servicing or repair work done on your car, we can help. We offer a full range of mechanic services delivered in our modern and fully-equipped workshop.


Log Book Servicing

Get your car serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines with our experienced team. We will complete the service to the highest possible standards and will stamp your log book to confirm completion of the work. This will give you the same benefits of getting the car serviced at a dealer but at a lower cost. Those benefits include:


  • - Prevents problems from developing to keep repair costs down

  • - Ensures your car runs well and maintains its performance

  • - Extends the life of the car

  • - Ensures you and your family are safe

  • - Makes your car more efficient to reduce fuel costs

  • - Increases the resale value of your car


Other Services

At Calibre Auto Repairs, we a full range of mechanic services. This includes:




Identifying the real cause of problems with your vehicle to ensure effective and long-lasting repairs


Repairing slipping or faulty clutches. 4X4, heavy duty and extreme clutches available. 



Replacement batteries for all makes and model of vehicle

  • Air-conditioning 

  • repairs and servicing

Custom exhausts 

If you want to get a new exhaust for your car, we can install it

Spotlights and lights 

Installation, maintenance, and repair of spotlights as well as bulb replacements and repair of all other lighting problems


Auto electrics 

Diagnostics with the latest computer testing equipment as well as professional repairs

Dual battery systems 

If you run lots of accessories from your car or 4x4, we can install, maintain, and repair a dual battery system


Suspension - repairing problems with suspension systems in all makes and model of vehicle including 4x4 suspensions


Replacing brake components and repairing faults to keep you and your family safe


Replacement tyres for all makes and model of vehicle as well as wheel balancing and wheel alignment

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