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Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running Efficiently

Most manufacturers say your air conditioning should have a service every two years. Servicing your air conditioning will ensure it works efficiently and doesn't develop faults when you need it most. This is not only convenient but it will also save you money as, in most situations, maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

At Calibre Auto Repairs, we can service your air conditioning to keep it in top working conditioning. We can also check it if you have concerns, while if it has already developed a fault, we can repair it. Call us today to book your car in.

In addition, there are things you can do to help maintain your air conditioning. This includes running the air conditioning throughout the year, including in winter months. This prevents the system from drying out and keeps the seals, hoses, and other parts lubricated. Air conditioning also provides additional benefits in the winter, including dehumidifying the air.


What We Do

• Check for leaks - air conditioning systems are supposed to leak but car vibrations and lack of use in the winter months can cause the system to leak more than it should. This affects the performance of the air conditioning and, ultimately, leads to failure. When we service or repair your air conditioning, we check for leaks.

• Recharge the air conditioning gas - we also remove the air conditioning gas and replace it with new gas to ensure maximum performance.

• Lubricate - we replace the lubricating oil in the air conditioning system too.

• Overall check - in addition, we check the hoses and pipes as well as the pressure in the system.

• Anti-bacterial treatments - is there a strange smell coming from your air conditioning? Does your air conditioning give you headaches or make you feel sick? This could be because of bacteria, fungus, or mould growing within the system. Our anti-bacterial treatments will fix this problem.


Book Your Car in Today

Whether you have a problem with the air conditioning in your car, or you want an air conditioning service, book it in with us today by calling 08 9524 6610.